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By purchasing from AW Illustration you are automatically agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as laid out below.


Shipping is handled by Printful. more information is  here:


They take about 2-7 business days to create apparel products (t-shirts, etc.) and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products (posters, etc.).

Then you should add shipping times on top of that. Speed and price depends on product type and destination. It can get a bit confusing, that's why we've made these tables to help you out.

97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than a half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less

Printful's shipping algorithm will determine the fastest, most cost-effective, and most reliable carrier for each shipment based on these factors: where it’s fulfilled, where it’s shipping, the selected shipping method, and the shipping speeds and prices of our carriers.

Carriers include APC Travel logistics, FedEx, Latvijas Post, DHL,, Dpd

USA delivery times: Overnight: 1 Business day, Express: 1-3 Business days, Standard: 3-5 Business days, Economy: 5-8 Business days

International from USA delivery times: Express: 1-3 Business days, Standard: 3-5 Business days, Economy: 5-10 Business days, No Rush: 10-20 Business days

International from EU delivery times: Express: 1-3 Business days, Standard: 3-5 Business days, Economy: 5-10 Business days, No Rush: 10-20 Business days


Payment is handled by Ecwid. more information is here:

Ecwid doesn’t collect credit card information.

Ecwid does not actually handle your customers’ credit card information. In fact, we don’t collect, store, or process such data in any way. Rather, Ecwid supports a number of popular payment gateways that processes your customers payment information. These payment processors can be divided into two groups based on the way they interact with Ecwid.

Payments on the payment processor’s secure page

When a customer places an order, Ecwid sends the order information to the payment processor and securely redirects the customer to the payment gateway’s web page where they enter their credit card information. When payment is complete, the payment processor sends a reply (callback) confirming payment to Ecwid.

The customer’s payment information is processed by the payment processor using a secure protocol


Payments completed without leaving the store page 

Some payment processors (Stripe, Square, etc.) are integrated with Ecwid quite differently.

With these payment processors, customers are not redirected. Instead, they see a payment form right on the store’s checkout page.

In this case Ecwid works within a customer’s browser. This way, when a customer enters their credit card information, the data is not transferred to the server where your website or store is located. Ecwid connects directly to the payment gateway via a highly secure channel and sends a request with the order information. This information is not transferred to Ecwid servers, does not pass through, and is not stored by us. The payment gateway performs all operations with this data and returns a callback confirming payment to Ecwid.

This solution was verified and approved by Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).


All products are printed and distributed by Printful, Printful's return policy is stated below or seen here:

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 4 weeks after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our (Printful's) part are covered at our expense.

The return address is set by default to the Printful facility. When we receive a returned shipment, an automated email notification will be sent to you. Unclaimed returns get donated to charity after 4 weeks. If Printful's facility isn't used as the return address, you would become liable for any returned shipments you receive.

For damaged or defective returns photographic evidence will be required to prove the defect is legitimate.


Copyright of the images is retained in perpetuity by the artist and they may not be reproduced in any context or media as digital or printed.

Any unauthorised reproduction will result in legal proceedings.


All Website Content © 2019 AW Illustration
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